About BSI Jentefotball

BSI Jentefotball was started in 2006 and the team members come from all over Norway, as well as a few international students. Most players are students at one of the many educational institutions in Bergen – everyone is welcome to join!

Despite the short time the team have exsisted, achievements and titles have already been many!

– Winner of  Eurocup Paris, 2009

– Winner of ESVV Puspharia International Students Soccer Tournmament, Eindhoven, 2013

– Winner of the football league outdoors, 2013

– Winner of the football league outdoors, 2014

– Winner of the football league indoors, 2014/2015

In addition we have won a bunch of trophies and titles from various cups in the district!

Do YOU want to be part of this wonderful team? Just join us for a training or two!

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