Join BSI Jentefotball!

Join BSI Jentefotball!

How to get to Gyldenpris?

1. If you don’t know where the field is, use Google maps to find the way. The address is Lien 85. Click on ”directions” (veibeskrivelse) if you want directions from where you are.

2. If you’re in the city center, you can walk to the field. Go across Høyden and Puddefjordsbroen (Puddefjordsbroen is a bridge). The field is on the left side of the bridge, right next to SIB housing.

3. You can also take these buses from Olav Kyrres gate (city center): 4, 10, 12, 15, 17, 19 and 50E. Number 10 goes all the way to the field. The rest stop on the right side of Puddefjordsbroen, so you have to walk under the bridge to get to the field.

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